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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  August 31, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning everybody things for join us my name is wayne dawson. we are already seen a few showers. look how that's the faded away as it moved into central ohio. we have yet to have our shower up all i likeet this.
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another behind the fellow stay offshore. to seee fay is from mars. all went down into the perfect and income is going to start to accelerate and pass through late evening until the anticipatethr that this to become more w a better chance later today. significant make it close to 80 later on this afternoon into the early evening. one of the one of the health of felt likene a pretty good rush e no major accidents.
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good to gonde both the more peoe thereth we are in first place. you are taking the great game. you have to take the detour in the penalty of the signs are posted. no problems. also looks good on to 70 in part they did not do any overnight
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nine minute commute. donald trump is going to mexico he announced to is last night on has accepted an invitation to discuss border issues in person. let's check in with stacy fry who is surprising turn of events andrpr the camp invitation very much look forward to meeting him tomorrow foring both trump and hillary
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including trump to do clear to the city of we're also going to secure our border and the drugs point in industry our the response to his announcement for the first days of his campaign he has painted them as
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should on to say possibly matters and he says the voters in arizona with the terrified him he was afforded present a very short notices and there is your chance that mexico botherey for cleveland on monday taking part 11th the fifth and that donald trump will ship within narrowlyhip
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university heights says thatom e was sexually assaulted afterd leaving the high school lasta thursday afternoon investigators say she was happysn with that fretted that some point they sprinted. i youngng man followed her and then picture of a quarter-mile from her homear appears that ths processap administrators sent ot a phone message that did not give specifics up. spirit is a lot of details that no one knows that i think should go out there.e they say theyr please this was n isolated incident they do not police that there is a serial rapist envelope was the schoolol district says they are theh incident here with police in this investigation.e an elderly man reported missings
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let's face he's as unclear if years since he was last seen.n the pauses into the families are losing the remains of the stillborn babysi she says her great-granddaughter was still at six months old. then they learned thatdda they lost the child's remains pit past. for the child's remains discounted the laundry the h revised processes to prevent this from happening thisi the to move forward
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please cleveland city leaders the city laterle that led them o the objective. they must now that up at the pump contract details to the public ones. have an opportunity to look it hard to this public this.
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take ah contract to live withth both sides cs teachers could have gone on strike as early as thursday. this deal. it is 5:19 a.m.m. th
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the some looks a little. we're a starting to see some pieces break off of that. to the coverage this morning willi be really small we are anticipating the coverage to
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good at morning everybody. hurricane means of breeze.e it's a cordial shot that beautiful city of
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we do weather and traffic every eight minutes it's time for a check on the forecast. we're still highlighting some rain. there's some showers over the lake they have not been real heavy at this point.s soeen not only isolated that they been drifting. how some heavier returns in with the clintons to drift further east this one herere the one to the southwest being close to could clip euclid and bracknell we are not looking at anything paid.
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activity is going to stay clear of the lake erie shoreline thee big change occurs tomorrow and really begineekend to we'll talk more about that and a little there is the cold front did this thing is still quite a ways out. there's some breaks and will see breaks of filtered sentient as the front approacheseaks will be more widespread. has indicated on the storm fox radar. forty does 50 percent of us will see something you can see how they fire up all along the frono and the wentzel shift by evenin
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that's going to go out and we come to interact with the late tomorrow. we'll have five cover developing over the lake and look more like early october as we see a few showers developing during the afternoon de something to keep n eye and with a couple of tropical disturbances which could be right now they're going to be big rain producer's. or could see between 6-12 inches of rain out of this. those are big rain producers and we are notig a little taste of fall for us. football friday night looks the 70swe will be in foror
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5:15 a.m. how people are getting readydy for the first direct hit and nearly a quarter century. why the us had a high price take on the spokesperson for eyes this. as wewe had to break will get a
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that's going to be a very
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series.i'm i bought like jessica is happiness je morning.orn if you're headed to the game ang you want toam ak with reminder it's a 35-mile per hour zone, so stick to that because they are not shy telling that you're going, s sb to fast. those are close to you can enter the weschler with the equipped toth boulevard if you are on the westside those starts at detroit in northbound traffic is onlyi allowed in detroit and center bridge.e.
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no problems right now as you had from summit county this morning and i 95 west boulevard has been uneventful. in this case, it's good to bebe below average. look at these gas prices. this punishment of $500 fine. we have more on the reaction. this accident happened back in 2014 and killed and 80 -year-old man.ed20 he admitted to be distracted in
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drinking vodka. that's not for wearing seek toto it is for not wearing a seatbelt not killing someone. prosecutors left her in her blown out of the loop.oo charges were eventually knocked down. they say they did not believeeli they had enough evidence to convict him on not felony homicide. the victim's family says there's still waiting for an apologym's that's the low amount.
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john mccain won the primary last night.on marco rubio also won his primary as didid ices down revenge for top leader. the 39 years old reportedly had a key role in planning and ordering international terror operationsingd ices says he was murderedces while fighting back syrian forces. the pentagon said he was killedl
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residents are stockpiling food
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i'm hillary clinton and i is message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america.
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deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it. america runs on dunkin'. good morning.g. storm fox radar showing showers are looks like we're going to get a few rumbles of thunderra where we saw some redevelopmet. those are now heading to the open waters of lake the blossoming of three distinct showers. we haven't had any reports of any lightning.g. . looks like mentor might get scammed by one of those showers
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probably tracking more northwest to southeast as daytime highs will climb up to including a home run on the game's first pitch. they hit a three run homer in the second two type they came
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lindner smacked a double into left field.rara that brought the go-ahead run it was thrown out at thee plate al then a crazy play the he had a line of the metal zach mcallister kick the balla into the air. then caught the ball. he was part of the bullpen after help the tribe one 5-5 milligrams of this. tonight at 705. he won a world series with boston in 2007 and he has been with the athletic since 2010.n hughc jackson says he is plannig
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tomorrow night. rally.alreseason this means will see more of ouro g3. thomas ricks pulse to tampa he had a pair of 40 -- rgiii. he was still be able to practice with the team. donald trump has promised to build a wall to secure our bordersalo all eyes will be on e candidate today as he tortures the key policy speech on immigrationthe by a local printr is surrenderingoca dozens of tiy
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